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We're always looking to expand upon our pool of talent, so if you've got skills and are willing to work with us than be sure to let us know. We prefer people who are within the local Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota (USA) area, but of course certain skills can be done over the internet.

Here we list any immediate need for talent.


If you are an actor or actress in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (or are willing to travel here), we want your information. Contact us to arrange an audition.

Camera Crew - with or without equipment

Are you willing and/or experienced at aiming a camera? Contact us.

Sound - with or without equipment

Are you willing and/or experienced with recording, aiming a mic, or even sound effects? Contact us.


Ok, well we would love to hear from you no matter what. So if you've got skills, or at least think you do, contact us.

General contact information:

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