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won 3 awards at Egofest in Brainard, MN - June 24, 2006

Festivals / Screenings

-EgoFest - June 24, 2006
-Bearded Child - August 19, 2006

-EgoFest - June 24, 2006
-Broken Lamp
-Bearded Child
-IFP Minnesota - Sept 20, 2006

-Renderfest (2003)
-North Americas Best Independent Animated Shorts (2003)
-Cortoons Festival (2004)

-Renderfest (2003)
-North Americas Best Independent Animated Shorts (2003)
-Cortoons Festival (2004)


-Glossy News Review

-Glossy News Interview
-Film Threat Review

-The Erudite Film Critic
-The Erudite Film Critic


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"this is a fine film that is sure to bring laughter and cheers amongst you and your friends."
-- Michael Ferraro, Film Threat

"Fantastic film worthy of attention."
-- Slateboy, Film Threat

"It was fantastic! At first, I thought an 11 minute short couldn't really warrant its own DVD, but this is one of the few that deserves that treatment. I liked it even more, the second time."
-- Mike Conoway, Midnight Sun Entertainment

"A truly remarkable short action film... Watch it, you won't be sorry."
-- Brian K. White, Glossy News

"If you liked the book, you'll love the movie!"
-- Someguy, Somewhere

"We really liked this film. This is filmmaking at its best!"
-- MicroCinema Magazine

"Wow! I am now a Ryan Foss fan. That was great!"
-- Ryan Becken, City Council Productions

"extraordinary... film."
Geoffrey Gilmore, Director Sundance Film Festival

"the funniest short I've seen in a long time."
-- Rick Dunbar, Dunbar Productions

"Liked the film. Loved the extras."
-- Angelo Bell, 319 Productions

"You guys did a phenomenal job..I (and many others) were soooo impressed with every aspect of it."
-- Nicolel, e-mail
after seeing film at The BrokenLamp Film Festival


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