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Bill's Big Pumpkins (coming 2006)

A documentary film about a man and his quest to grow Minnesota's largest pumpkin and beat the State Fair record.

Bill's Big Pumpkin Documentarym Giant Pumpkin

Breakfast Time (2006)
Sci-Fi Comedy

A short film about breakfast and time.

breakfast time

The End is Naught Trailer (2004)
Drama, Trailer

A trailer to spark interest for a Quantum Petshop drama in a style similar to PI.

the End is Naught

Bullets over Breakfast (2004)
Action Comedy

A short film about thee men who take breakfast very, very seriously. Action comedy.

Bullets over Breakfast
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Our Film Submitted (2001)

Three wannabe filmmakers make a movie about making a movie. Mocumentary, making of.

our film submitted, mocumentary making of
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El Vecino de Picasso (2000)
Historical Comedy

The truth behind Picasso's famous blue period. Experimental.

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Commercials (2000-2004)

A series of commercials originally made for various reasons.

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Tutorials (2004)

Quantum Petshop provides some helpful advice and useful hints in software, filming/taping, editing, or whatever they felt like writing about at the moment. Some are even written by request.

tutorials ?


Filler Cards (2003-2004)

A Series of images originally made for ROVTV, a public access television show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Miscellaneous Projects (2003)

Graphic design, T-shirts, Game Shows, Etc.


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