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Bullets over Breakfast

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The 11 minute short, plus over 100 minutes of extras. The Bullets over Breakfast DVD is available in the
QP Store.

"What happens when three armed roommates realize there is only one waffle left in the house? Armageddon, Quantum Petshop style!"

"Three men. One waffle. Lots of ammo! This breakfast could get deadly."

What People are Saying

"this is a fine film that is sure to bring laughter and cheers amongst you and your friends."
-- Michael Ferraro, Film Threat

"Fantastic film worthy of attention."
-- Slateboy, Film Threat

"It was fantastic! At first, I thought an 11 minute short couldn't really warrant its own DVD, but this is one of the few that deserves that treatment. I liked it even more, the second time."
-- Mike Conoway, Midnight Sun Entertainment

"A truly remarkable short action film... Watch it, you won't be sorry."
-- Brian K. White, Glossy News

"If you liked the book, you'll love the movie!"
-- Someguy, Somewhere

"We really liked this film. This is filmmaking at its best!"
-- MicroCinema Magazine

"Wow! I am now a Ryan Foss fan. That was great!"
-- Ryan Becken, City Council Productions

"extraordinary... film."
Geoffrey Gilmore, Director Sundance Film Festival

"the funniest short I've seen in a long time."
-- Rick Dunbar, Dunbar Productions

"Liked the film. Loved the extras."
-- Angelo Bell, 319 Productions

"You guys did a phenomenal job..I (and many others) were soooo impressed with every aspect of it."
-- Nicolel, e-mail
after seeing film at The BrokenLamp Film Festival

About The Movie

To most people, a well-balanced breakfast is an important start of every day. But to some, it is law. And like the flag and apple pie, its worth fighting for. So what happens when three roommates wake up to just one waffle? Armageddon, Quantum Petshop style! From writer/director Ryan Foss comes a hilarious spoof on action movies and gun control that is sure to leave you in stitches and screaming for more. Starring Brandon Ogle, Ryan Foss, and Bill Nagel.

Bullets Over Breakfast was written and directed by Ryan Foss. Filmed using a Cannon GL1 Digital Camera. Editing and special effects were achieved with Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop. The Bullets over Breakfast DVD has many additional shorts and features not included on the website, so if you're really interested in how this short was made you should check it out.



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