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The End is Naught is a Quantum Petshop drama that is currently under development. The trailer was produced to experiment with style, production and help stir up interest.This film is currently in development.
"In a world that doesn't exist, one man tries to prove that it doesn't."
The End is Naught- "Trailer"

About the Movie:
A young genius calculates when the world will end, but there is a problem: his calculations prove the world has already ended. He's going insane trying to disprove his own theory, while starting to believe he's living in a fabricated reality while inexplicably becoming mixed up in a vast conspiracy. This film strives to emulate PI in style and drama.

Currently In Story Development :
At the end of 2003, Quantum Petshop shoot material for the End is Naught concept trailer. Although completed early 2004, it was shelved because its intent was unclear and we felt it didn't play as intended. Since then we've made a few changes and improved the flow of the trailer. The script is currently being developed (and we promise there will be better dialogue than in the trailer).

Images :
Stills from the trailer. What artwork!


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