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Aidan Dance (2005) 4th Place Winner!

For an IFilm Contest LG Ultimate Dance Off Top Eleven!

PANTS (2004)

no image
PANTS! play

Monkey Math (2004)

no image
Some weird math problem. play

Shit Skits (2003)

Originally made for ROVTV, the shit skits are three short skits about shit. play
The Practicle Joke Fund

Designed as the intro to a commercial on ROVTV, the Practicle Joke fund is an orginization that brings comedy to the poor and less fortunate around the world.
The Bomb
A simple yet stupid cartoon made from an assortment of clip art drawings.
Pimpin USA
Made for ROVTV as a board game where players would their pimp mobiles around the inner city making money off of "ho's" placed on certain streets.
Monkey Monkey
Made for ROVTV as a game show involving the phrase "monkey, monkey" and nothing else
Placebo Pills
Made for ROVTV as a prodcut meant to cure everything.
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