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Ok, so you're wondering what the hell we are doing here. Well, sometimes we just get ideas or figure stuff out, or people just ask us, and we've got to share the knowledge. So, without getting into some long winded dissertation about why, lets just start a helpful list of tutorials. Quick sample links are provided for your convenience.

Video - tutorials generally applied to video related projects.

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Check out these tutorials in action in our short film Bullets over Breakfast.


Talent Call/Auditions
We're looking for talented people in the Mpls/St. Paul area and beyond.


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Gunfire Blasts

Got that video project that's screaming for bigger, better gun blasts. Here's a way to easily add that muzzle flare and flash you so desperately need.

Sample Image
Sample - Bullets over Breakfast

Easy Smoky Overlay

Use Adobe Premier to create a simple smoky overlay. Applicable to text (for credits maybe), or even logos or whatever else you may have in mind. May be applicable to other NLEs. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.


Beam Me Up

Use Adobe Premier to create a sci-fi teleportation effect. Teleport you, your friends, or anything with ease. Should be applicable to most NLEs. Don't let the cheese of the sample fool you, with a little extra work and some decent images (or complimentary video), you can achieve a cool looking teleportation.



Fire Wave Transition Adobe Premier
Fire Wave Transition Adobe After Effects
- Coming Soon

Fancy transitions have potential to be lame, but there may be good reason to use this one and this one is fun. Very similar to the Electric Rings and Arcs tutorial below, but this one is specific for video. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.


Image - tutorials specific for image creation or manipulation.

Text Collection

Our collection of text and font style turorials for Adobe Photoshop. Effects such as fire, bubble gum, light rays, chrome, wind, ice, frost, radiation, gels and slime and more!

Landsat 7 Satellite Imagery for the Lay Person

Use NASA Satellite imagery to create true color satellite images.


QP painted Logo

A quick way to make a simple painted logo like ours.

Add Color to a Line Drawing Sketch
with Adobe Photoshop

Bill explains how he colors his line drawings with Photoshop using Layer Modes, Layer Masks and Layer Sets.

The Versatility of Photoshop's Render Clouds

Ryan explains some of the basics behind his "Render Cloud" tutorials by first exploring Adobe Photoshop's Cloud and Difference Cloud filters. This is the starter tutorial, explaining and outlining methods that his other tutorials build upon.

Double-Do-It and Crop-It

So you have a seamless image, but when you apply some filters, the seamless-ness is destroyed. Here's an easy way to maintain your seamless integrity.

Create Your Own World Textures - Coming Soon

Follow these instructions to make your own planet textures for 3D applications. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss. Sample Image

Nebulous Starscapes

Create your very own space opera backgrounds. Learn simple and easy methods to create cloudy, nebulae rich starfields. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.


Make your own camouflage. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.

Cool Psychedelic Ribbons

This is just a cool way to make a neat image. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.

Electric Rings and Arcs

Some kind of cheesy quick electric ring effect. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.

Smoke - Coming Soon

Some kind of cheesy quick smoke. A Render Cloud tutorial by Ryan Foss.

Hardware - tutorials for the independent filmmaker specifically.

Build Your Own Shoulder Brace/Camera Gun Stock

On the cheap, here are instructions for building your own mini-DV camera shoulder brace/camera gun with easily found materials at your local hardware store.


Build Your Own Dimmer Box - Coming Soon

How to build your own dimmer box for light control.


Build Your Own Steady Cam- Coming Soon

How to build your own steady cam contraption.

Other - we dabble, and this is some of the splatter.

Basic Giant Pumpkin Growing Instructions

Instructions for people who want to grow 500lbs pumpkins with a little work.

So you want to Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins?

Detailed instructions for people who want to grow 500lbs (and bigger) pumpkins.

In Process- unfinished tutorials, use at your own risk

Double Landat 7 resolution using the Panchromatic band 8

Description TBD. Tutorial is not finished.





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