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Tin Foil or Aluminum Foil
Wrap your text in tin/aluminum foil without using filters.


Add a text layer with your text. Make its color middle gray. Note, you can make it any color you want, but the effect is best if is a mid tone color. For this example, I made gray text on a black background at 1024x256.


Add a Bevel and Emboss layer style by double clicking next to the layer title in the Layer tab (or Layer>Layer Style>Bevel and Emboss).

With the bevel style set to inner with smooth technique, set the depth to 1000%, the size to 50 (will depend on you text size, change to suit your image) and no soften, 0%.

Adjust the shading by unchecking Use Global Light, then set the angle and altitude to 120 and 30 respectively, you can adjust this later to suit your needs. Change the Gloss Contour to the bumpy pattern. Change the highlight mode to normal at 100% opacity and the shadow mode to lighten at 90% opacity. Be sure to set the color of the highlight and shadow modes to white; this shouldn't be overlooked because its what makes this effect work.


While still in the bevel and emboss layer style, check the texture sub option and set the pattern to "satin" (looks like chrome) with scale at about 75% and depth of 15%. These values will also vary depending on your text size.

And there you have it, the final version.

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